August 1, 2011

My bucket-list

- Go to France
- Eat Italian food in Italy
- go to New York City
- go to Hawaii
- write a book
- see all my children graduate high school (and hopefully missions, college)
- see all my kids get married and become parents of my grandchildren
- learn to like cooking
- become good at cooking
- pay for someone not in my family to go to college
- take in a 'stray' person
- get in shape
- go on a mission for my church
- get a vacation house
-Eat lobster in Maine

Cool things I have done before I turned 30.

This is a 2 part post inspired by my friend who had a similar post on her blog. The first one is things I have done, the second list will be things on my bucket list.

Things I have done so far:

- scored our team's only points in an entire sports game
- caught a salmon in the Kenai river (Alaska)
- hitch-hiked (at Garner State Park)
- floated Frio River and Provo River
- white water rafted Snake river
- para-sailed in Cancun
- Driving ski-doos and knee boarding
- got married in the Provo Temple to the best guy ever! (That should be first.)
- been pregnant and felt life moving inside me
- gave birth to 3 beautiful boys
- had published poems
- wrote a book (childrens book. Still hope to write a novel.)
- cared for girl with special needs and she changed my life
- driven to all the states on the western half of USA
- caught crabs with my bare hands
- ate a lightbulb
- ran 3 miles (which for me is like a marathon!)
- learned to do a "gainer" actually called a reverse flip on the diving board
- seen about 30 live concerts of different artists
- been in a movie filming
- bought a house! Yikes!
- started my own business
- jumped off a 2 story roof onto a trampoline
- jumped off a 2 story pier into a lake (Dumb! It was so shallow!)
- received two big miracles in one year

May 11, 2011

Career woman!

For those of you who somehow avoided hearing it already (you didn't see my skywriting??) I am now selling MARY KAY! I have already seen great results after only about 10 days of using the Miracle Set (skin care regimen) and also have received tons of compliments on my looks since I have started using their make-up. I am NOT just saying that either! So, if you want to give it a try or just want a free facial or sample, just give me a call or shoot me an email! or you can use my personal email. Thanks and God Bless.

March 24, 2011

Why My diaper bag weighs more than my 1 year old. Mystery solved!

The Straw that Broke the Camel's back...Why My Diaper Bag is SO Heavy! I know other moms can probably relate, but I think this is a little bit crazy!

This is what is in my bag:

1- hand sanitizer foam

2- hand sanitizer gel

3- baby nail clippers

4- bag for dirty diapers/clothes

5- diaper rash cream

6- jingle bell toy

7- wipes

8- formula

9- pedialyte mix

10- change of clothes

11- froggy toy

12- small blanket he has to have while he is going to sleep

13- burp rag

14- bottle

15- baby sun block

16- gum

17- kleenex travel pack

18- two extra pacifiers

19- baby thermometer

20- baby medicine dropper

21- changing pad

22- teething ring

23 - different teething ring

24 - teething beaded necklace toy

25-Brad's immunization record

26- teething, crinkly book

27- checkbook

28- my huge wallet

29 -extra mascara and eyeliner. Just in case.

30- hair cliip

31- pen

32- box of crayons and color sheet

33- chap stick

34- 2 advil

35- little toy ball

36- small container Reeses Puffs cereal

37- small container cheerios

38- Elmo phone (Why is this in here?)

39- another chapstick (i have been looking for that)

40- Dum Dum, chocolate mint, mini Hershey bar

41- dog bone (Thanks, Landon. We don't even have a dog.)

42- mini video game

43- feminine toiletry products

44- baby booties for feet

45- small tag blanket from Aunt Marion

46- comb

47- hand lotion

...And, the most shocking thing that I noticed last night...NO DIAPERS!

March 16, 2011

kids, kids, kids

I have been babysitting, babysitting, babysitting! I have one friend in school, who I babysit for. A few who work, and then sometimes my neighbor needs a sitter, etc. Right now my kids are out for Spring Break and I am also babysitting two other kids this whole week. We are staying busy going to movies, Chuck-e-cheese, parks, Chick-fil-A, etc. I think that confirmed my decision that we are definitely done having kids!