August 1, 2011

My bucket-list

- Go to France
- Eat Italian food in Italy
- go to New York City
- go to Hawaii
- write a book
- see all my children graduate high school (and hopefully missions, college)
- see all my kids get married and become parents of my grandchildren
- learn to like cooking
- become good at cooking
- pay for someone not in my family to go to college
- take in a 'stray' person
- get in shape
- go on a mission for my church
- get a vacation house
-Eat lobster in Maine


Anonymous said...

Awesome, and good luck!

Jimmy said...

Aye, hope you manage to finish those without any accidents! Careful with the stray persons!

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Rita X said...

f only these wishes came true...
I dissapointed my mother in many ways.. :( - free giveaways every month!

Jan-Vi said...

Awesome Your Wishes.., u may get it easily., may god bless you.....


i appreciate this list.

i would add: 'Get lost in' New York City

its too small to really be lost for too long :)

Prodip said...

welcome..and.. congratulation..for your idea. thank you..........
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Milady said...

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Abdul Mobin said...

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The Great American Mom said...

Just found your blog. Very cute. Love the bucket list!

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